Ashoka Presents:

Dr. Smith's Machine & Techno Mystery Tour

Friday March 20 2015

Music, spirit, and art combine to create a unique and fantastical journey. Dress up like your favorite mythological figure, deity, por mysterious character. Featuring our "Power Chamber," a scaled-down version of the Egyptian pyramid of Khufu, which you can enter to discover the mysteries that await within.

We are taking this opportunity to help our small friends as we celebrate. **Proceeds from the night will be donated** to the Dane County Humane Society and the Suara Foundation, a non-profit cat rescue run by our friend, Coyu =^_^=

*** THE MUSIC ***

Talented DJs from Madison, Milwaukee, and Appleton converge on the Inferno for the best Techno, Deep Tech House, and Electro. TazL, Demetri Nocturnal, and Ashoka are celebrating the genesis of their new production outfit, "Triangulate," a reference to the three points of Appleton, Milwaukee and Madison, which make up a "Bermuda Triangle" of grooves you're sure to get lost in! Not to be understated, the boys are joined behind the decks by Niki Kitz, a talented DJ and super nice person who is rapidly becoming the First Lady of Wisconsin Techno!

*** TAZL ***

MADISON PEOPLE, TAZL is probably the best DJ that a lot of you haven’t heard. He's shared the decks with Green Velvet, Claude VonStroke, Teri Bristol & Psycho Bitch, and been involved in numerous parties such as Winter Warmer 2015, Wavefront 2013, Camped Out '07, Delta Heavy Tour 2002, James Zabiela & Nic Fanciulli 1 1 Tour @Spybar, Deep Dish 2002 @Soundbar, and Lee Burridge @Spybar. 

A lot can be said about TazL’s approach to the underground. His sets are laced with everything from dark techno to groovy deep house. He is a technician and comes from a time when mixing for two minutes is considered a short mix. He blends his music in a way that says, “I know, it’s that good,” as he looks up for a second, drops the bass on one channel only to bring it up on the other. Bounce, groove, deep, tech, progressive…house music is what he lives for and he is intent on educating the masses.

He credits house music for changing his perspective and saving his life. It all started when a close friend, Jeff Ewald, opened his mind to a passion (music) and way of life free of judgement. Tony’s parents supported his passion and dedicated to seeing their son succeed, bought him his first set of turntables. He was 16. Since the beginning, the collaboration between TazL & Ewald has reached the masses repeatedly. They made a name for themselves all over the Fox Valley, WI underground scene and over the next few years, the duo developed a keen ear for electronic music while fine-tuning their ability to control a crowd.

As his appetite to do more within the music industry grew, he pushed for more. Production followed with the same drive and ambition. The last four years have seen releases on All Night Records and After Dark Recordings.

*** NIKI KITZ ***

Open your eyes, ears, and mind; this little lady packs an enormous punch. To say Niki Kitz has rapidly made a name for herself in the Midwest house and techno scene is an understatement.

Only DJing since 2012, Niki played her first set at 5am in a Madison teahouse. Within just one year, she became a regular artist at Milwaukee’s current home of the underground, Studio 200, and is featured in diverse event lineups around the Midwest accompanying artists such as Claude VonStroke, Fred Everything, J.Phlip, Drumcell, and Derek Plaslaiko. She made her Chicago debut as a special guest DJ at SSS Studios and accepted an invitation to join respected music outfit, Apart, in 2013.

Niki attributes her current success to her in-depth love affair with electronic music. After spending years mining the internet for underground treasures, her desire to share music became too great to ignore. Developing her skills on a couple of Technics turntables, Niki began throwing parties at untraditional venues with some close friends under the name Foshizzle Presents. These parties allowed Niki the freedom to craft a sound and style all her own.

With a focus on smooth transitions and unique, textured sounds, Niki’s signature style features a unique blend of melodic techno and deep tech house. Her raw love for music combined with a reputation for a mature grasp of her art that far surpasses her 23 years ensure Niki with the promise of a fruitful music career. Look for big things coming in 2015, Niki Kitz is moving up!

Apart Artist page:


Not one to fall victim to the mass tendency of impulsive behavior to fit in or be apart of some fly-by-night trend, Demetri is known to be a person that expresses himself fully with music without compromising his artistic integrity or personal taste standards. A well-respected and driving force in the music scene since 1993.

Known in the recording studio as DepthCharge (main studio engineer/producer alias identity that oversees the others below), as Alejandro Magno (Techno alias) on Format Recordings (Chicago IL), Heavyweight Sound Recordings (Milwaukee WI), Bach's Bounce (various eclectic forms or electronica, non Techno/House) on 414 Records (Milwaukee WI), The Black Cat Project (NuDisco, Deep House, Tech House, Progressive Techno, remixes and edits) on Heavyweight Sound Recordings, and Harlot Hit Records (Milwaukee, WI), and Gruv Maximus, Singularity, Sound_Bloc.

[brief musical chronology spanning 20 years]
1993 - Birth of a Raver
1995 - Started DJ obsession
1997 - First paid DJ booking in Chicago, IL
1999 - Conceptualized, produced & promoted dozens of successful themed raves
2001 - First paid International DJ booking
2004 - Formed record label: Heavyweight Sound Recordings
2010 - Started to learning music production
2013 - Working towards expanding full personal music studio
2014 - Started work on two full artist albums as Bach's Bounce and Alejandro Magno

*** ASHOKA ***

DJ Ashoka is a facilitator of experience. He connects the past, present, and future of dance music, guiding dancefloors into ecstatic states with lush grooves, thick baselines, subtle melody, and a great ability to read a vibe and take it further. His enthusiasm for the music that he plays has taken him on a 20-year journey exploring the depths of acid house, trance, breaks, techno, and everything in between.

Ashoka first discovered dance music while living in the UK and attending regular club nights at places like Ministry of Sound, Sankey’s, and The Arches in Edinburgh. A sense of adventure and a keen taste for exotic flavors brought him to places like Morocco, Egypt, Japan, Thailand, and India. The name “Ashoka” was taken from one of the greatest figures in Indian history, the 3rd century B.C. ruler, Ashok. “I was really interested in learning about the history, art, and especially the spiritual traditions of these places. I got a lot more than that as I soaked in some really incredible musical traditions. But what really amazed me was the expansion of electronic dance music. It was everywhere I visited from Jerusalem to Goa. There was so much that was foreign about these places, yet everyone was the same on the dance floor. It was an amazing realization. I couldn’t get enough."

Moving back to his hometown, he soon discovered the exciting developments taking place right in his back yard. Drop Bass had just made history with their groundbreaking Furthur events and the underground rave scene was blossoming thanks to outfits like the Tribal Brothers and the Deceptikon Unit. Ashoka began playing in local bars and clubs, and taking supporting slots at several of the raves thrown by his friends. He was part of a dedicated group of DJs and entrepreneurs who worked to found record stores, throw great parties, and begin releasing records.

In 2001, Ashoka entered a partnership with Paul Determan of Marscruiser to further the success that Paul and his team had established with notable releases of Cass and Slides, Fire Label. Paul had launched BTR records a few years earlier as a vehicle to promote Marscruiser’s up-front progressive trance and breaks sound. Over the next few years, Ashoka was part of a production team that had support from John Digweed, James Zabelia, BT, Hybrid, Gabriel & Dresden, Lee Burridge, and Danny Howells. In 2003, Ashoka partnered with Marscruiser and Andy Page to produce “Elementalectrofunk,” a funk/breaks crossover tune featuring live performances by George Clinton and members of P-funk. “We wanted to do something that brought together our intelligent, progressive breaks sound with some raw, old school classic funk. Dance music was already becoming pretty disposable at the time, and we wanted to make a tune that people would remember beyond the next issue of Mixmag.”

Elementalectrofunk made a splash with people like James Zabelia, who caned it for a year, as well as a legion of taste makers. DJ Hyper featured it on his “Wired” compilation and it showed up on at least five other mix releases.

Since that time, Ashoka has taken time to concentrate on family and his other interests including metaphysics and historical research. Last year, Ashoka led an expedition with author Frank Joseph to dive on Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, as a continuation of Frank's work on the sunken pyramids reported to be in the area. “There's just so much out there that interests me about alternate states of consciousness, the hidden reality that surrounds us, and our journey as people. In my playing style, my production, and my life, I’m always trying to connect people with the future and the past though experience.” After 20 years, DJ Ashoka is more excited than ever to create and share his passion for dance music.

** PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED** to the Dane County Humane Society and the Suara Foundation, a non-profit cat rescue run by our friend, Coyu =^_^=

$5.00: 9:00p-11:00p
$7.00: 11:00p-close
21 & IDs will be checked