Meg's CD Release Party:

Modern Mod // German Art Students // Les Cougars // DJ Wyatt Agard

Friday February 13 2015

Last November (2013) I kidnapped Emily Mills and Jake Ripp-Dieter up to a little town in Ontario where Neko Case's producer Darryl Neudorf runs a recording studio in a barn. We lived in the apartment above the studio and recorded 10 songs in 10 days. The result is an album called 'In Your Bones' and I'm finally releasing it on February 13.

The songs on this album are of the most honest and intense expressions I've ever written and I'm very proud of the result. If you're curious what they sound like, think Fiona Apple Courtney Love and you'll get an idea.

The hilarious La Bomba Waters will emcee!
Order of events: 
8pm Modern Mod will start off the night with their charming, infectious indie rock
9pm The German Art Students will rock some witty lyrics and perform some high kicks
10pm Les Cougars will burlesque their way into your hearts with awesome vocals, choreography, and fashion choices
11pm Meg & friends perform the album for you
12am DJ Wyatt Agard will pump the jams until bar time

I'm really looking forward to seeing you there!