Inferno & Drackenbergs Mallard Duck Pond Party Bus & Carita's Karaoke

Wednesday June 20 2012


TWO WAYS TO PLAY; Baseball with our local Mallards and RockStar Karaoke with Karcus!
Buy your tickets here!

What better way to announce it is finally summer than a baseball game and all you can eat and drink? Join us on a bus from the Inferno Parking Lot to the Duck Pond at the Mallards game! A guaranteed good time while wearing an INCLUDED Inferno/Drackenberg's T-shirt!
Included: The aforementioned shirt, a ticket to the game and all-you-can-eat-&-drink; hot dogs, burgers, brats, chicken and pulled pork sandwiches, chips, potato salad, coleslaw & bottomless soda, water and of course BEER!
Pick up is at 5:15 at the Inferno Parking Lot, the bus will pick our group up and drop us off at the Duck Pond. We will stay there until the game is over and then the bus will drop us back off at the Inferno. Karaoke will be in full swing and so we can pour out of the bus into Karaoke fever OR stop over to Drackenburg's for a smooth cigar and quiet(er) atmosphere, OR both!
We need to save our bus ASAP, so buy your ticket today, or at least by June 10th. Also, you can stop into the Inferno and pay in cash and we'll reserve your seat. 
We are SO looking forward to this!
-Jackson @ Drackenberg's & Amada @ Inferno

PS. To off-set the eventbrite ticket fee of $2.92, Inferno will offer you one (1) free Tap or Rail Drink on Wed. the 20th


Karaoke as only the Inferno can bring! We've been going strong with lots of ridiculous fun!

What you can expect:
Happy Happy Joy Joy shot for anyone who sings;
Fog machines, lights, full stage, and a killer sound system;
Drink specials;
Great crowd of people;
Finally, at some point I will have EVERYONE on stage singing, Don't Stop Believing!!!

Come, bring friends and dress to kill!

Our list of songs can be downloaded from:

Karcus will do his best to get whatever song you want that isn't on the list.

If you know the songs you want, post them in the facebook group, in advance! Rock On!