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Friday April 1 2011

Illuminatus Productions Presents... SPOIL

Friday, April 1st, 2011 @ the Inferno featuring...

PAUL ANTHONY Chicago / Denver - Electro House / Turntablism (ULTRA, SUBLIMINAL, DIRTY FABRIC)

World-renowned DJ and producer Paul Anthony began his career in the 90’s rave scene and has since played many of the world's most prestigious clubs and events. He earned his respect coming up in the Chicago House music scene from many of the cities legend's including Farley Jackmaster Funk, Paul Johnson, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Funk, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, and CZR. It wasn’t long before Paul began honing his talents on producing, releasing vinyl and later digital on many labels including his own imprint 'Dirty Fabric' (which has seen names like Sebastien Leger, Laidback Luke, DJ Alex Kidd, Jesse Saunders, Farley Jackmaster Funk, and more!). His first collaboration was with Mike Gillenwater (High Caliber) under the alias The Funk Monkeys, which have released twice under Subliminal Recordings, featured in many CD mix compilations, and has charted as top sellers many times on records distribution sites such as DanceRecords.com and JunoRecords.com. Around 2004 he met ZXX. Together they run ‘Dirty Fabric Digital' and since have collaborated on over 200 projects. They are regular guests in the Top 100 @ Beatport.com and DjDownload.com as well. With the support of hundreds of thousands of DJs with their infamous bootlegs of Lil Wayne and Rick Ross to their original anthem "Sex 101" with Laya Bella. Even their remake of DJ Leon's 'Let Me Bang' was a notable success with ALL of the tracks on the project charting at once across the Top 100 Electro @ Beatport, including remixes from Stupid Fresh, Hot Mouth, and TJR. Now in 2011, both Paul Anthony and ZXX reside in Denver, Colorado, with a new nasty electro approach to the year after the huge success of last year's legal remix of Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction,” a phat collaboration with Donald Glaude and Alex Peace is in the works, and releases on Simma, Eden Records, Ego, Nervous Recordings, Dandy Kid Records, Peak Hour Music, Play Digital, etc, are soon to come! Stay in touch with Paul Anthony's music and gigs on his Myspace page - And his personal Facebook page -

Also --> With local support by... DJ TINHEAD & HYPNOASSASSINSPECIAL 4 TURNTABLE SET!! // - Madison, WI Experience the culmination of talent, knowledge and a true love for EDM as Tinhead and Hypno embark on a 4 turntable, cross-genre dj set, worthy of the praise it's been given. Weighing in with a combined 20+ years behind the decks, it's no wonder these two are able to turn on even the most staunch techno cynics to the world of techno. They only perform this act a few times a year, and never record it.... So, in fact, you DO have to see it to believe it! DJ ANGELFIRE Illuminatus Prod. / Spetsnaz / Better Breakbeat Bureau / S.N.U. / Four Circles - Madison, WI Dj Angelfire has quickly become a staple around the midwest for his electro-industrial driven breakbeats. With talent, charisma and skill all his own, Angelfire never ceases to impress. After years of mastering his craft on the ones and twos, Angelfire has turned to masterful productions of many different forms of electronica. Within his opening set for this evening, he will be showcasing some of these gems, as well as mixing up the proper concoction of musical dynamics to start this night off right!!! As long as no robots try to stop him, he might even have a little extra surprise in store! Stay Tuned! Free before 10pm - Only $5 after! Doors 9pm - 2am / 21&up / valid i.d. required Club Inferno - 1718 Commercial Ave., Madison WI